The bill on gender-neutral partnership and recognition of LGBT human rights is not meant to provide any privileges to a specific group of people. The adoption of the Partnership bill simply creates a common good for everyone. It costs nothing, and it protects members of our society and makes them feel safer. When the Partnership bill is adopted, Lithuania becomes different. We will all see that absolutely nothing has changed in the ordinary course of our lives, even though we will have broken so many ideological spears before that. 

In the public sphere, our discussion somehow focuses on the institution of civil partnership for same-sex couples, but according to the official statistics, one in four newborns in Lithuania is born out of wedlock. This means that there are also heterosexual couples who, for one reason or another, choose not to get married. The Partnership bill would also help ensure legal protection of those couples. When we talk about a partnership institute, we talk about the rights and responsibilities of two consenting adults. 

When we talk about a gender-neutral partnership law, we mean that two people who make up the partnership can be both same-sex or different-sex.

Gender-neutral Civil Partnership Bill